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We are a Federation of Churches of a Lutheran Heritage joined together by a common hope found in Christ Jesus our Lord. 

God bless you!

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About Our CHurch

The Apostolic Lutheran Church of America has 57 churches with about 9,000 members.

Annual Convention

The Apostolic Lutheran Church's annual convention takes place in July. This year it will be in Greer, South Carolina. Join us!


The Apostolic Lutheran Church of America has 57 member churches and close to 9,000 members. Use our church finder to locate a member church near you.
Christian Monthly

A publication of the ALCA, the Christian Monthly is dedicated to the proclamation of the Word of God. Monthly editions have uplifting articles from pastors and church members, historical articles, and updates on our Federation.

Children's Christian Monthly

Published quarterly, the Christian Monthly for Children has Bible stories, articles especially for children, memory verses, puzzles and coloring pages.

Balm of Gilead

The Balm of Gilead ministry exists to offer healing, encouragement and support to men and women whose lives have been altered by sexual abuse.

Western Mission

The ALC Western Mission serves the congregations of the western United States and Canada. We are here to facilitate the sending forth of God’s servants to bring the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to many.

Foreign Mission

The Foreign Mission of the Apostolic Lutheran Church desires to be obedient to the words of our Lord Jesus Christ when he said in Mark 16:15 Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature...

Eastern Mission

The Vision and Goal of the Eastern Mission is to provide the means of proclaiming the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in America from the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains.

2016 Annual Convention

The Apostolic Lutheran 2016 Annual Convention will be held in Greer, South Carolina, June 23-26th. Join us!