Book Concern

Books, hymnals and Sunday School materials produced by the Apostolic Lutheran Church of America Federation.

Bibles Price
King James Version Award Bible (With Dictionary and Study Helps)
Contact for colors available
Church Pew Bible (Hardcover only) Call for Pricing
Pocket Bible (3-5/8″ x 5-5/8″) $25.00
Large Print New Testament 5-3/8″ x 7-1/4″) $18.50
Finnish Bible (Biblia) Special Order
Song Books Price
Hymns and Songs of Zion Regular or Spiral Binding (unavailable), reprinted in a smaller format and is less weight. $15.00
Companion Hymnal (Black Imitation Leather Cover)
Small version of Hymns and Songs of Zion without Music.
Heavenly Sunshine (Children’s songbook) (Currently Sold Out) $9.00
Peace on Earth (Christmas songbook) $5.00
Books Price
Christian Monthly Back Issues $1.00
Strong’s Complete Concordance (Hardcover only) $30.00
Smith’s Bible Dictionary (Hardcover only) $15.00
Fox’s Book of Martyrs (Softcover only) $8.00
The Pilgrim’s Progress (Hardcover/softcover) $17.00/$11.00
Little Pilgrim’s Progress (Softcover only) $11.00
Altar Book (English/Finnish) $24.00/$5.00
Kristillinen Kuukauslehti $18.00
A Hive of Busy Bees $7.75
Sunday School Price
Martin Luther’s Catechism (Red) $9.00
Egermeier’s Bible Stories (Hardcover/softcover) $26.50 / $18.00
Bible Pictures for Little Eyes $19.00
Our Christian Faith Sunday School Series  
Nursery Level 2 Bible Stories (37 Lessons) $7.00
Kindergarten Old & New Testament (38 Lessons) $7.00
Primary I Old & New Testament (38 Lessons) $11.00
Primary II New Testament (38 Lessons) Student/Teacher’s Guide $11.00/$10.00
Primary III Old & New Testament Student/Teacher’s Guide $11.00/$10.00
Primary IV Old Testament (38 Lessons)Student/Teacher’s Guide $11.00/$10.00
Intermediate V/VI New Testament (38 Lessons) Student/Teacher’s Guide $11.00/$10.00
Martin Luther’s Catechism Supplement $1.00
Misc Price
Principles of the Doctrine of Christ as Taught in the Apostolic Lutheran Church of America
(Available in English, Spanish, or Russian) (Online Version)
Apostolic Lutheran Constitution and Bylaws $1.00
The Sinner’s Plea 50 for $3.50
God’s Peace 50 for $3.50
Certificates & Communion Supplies Price
Confirmation Certificates $3.50/ea.
Baptismal and Wedding Certificates $6.25/ea
Communion Wafers (box of 1,000) $15.00
Communion Wafers (box of 500) $8.00
Communion Wafers (box of 250) $5.00

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