Tapiola/Atlantic Mine, MI Spring Services 4/29-5/1

The Tapiola and Atlantic Mine Apostolic Lutheran congregations are extending a warm welcome for all to join us in Michigan’s Copper Country for special Spring Worship Services April 29th thru May 1st of this year.

Titus Fraki from Wadena, Minnesota, and Dave Lappi from Champion, Michigan will be the featured speakers.   The service schedule is:

Friday, April 29:  Atlantic Mine church 7:00 pm, with coffee fellowship to follow.

Saturday, April 30: Atlantic Mine church 6:00 pm, with coffee fellowship to follow.

Sunday, May 1: Tapiola church 10:30 am, followed by noon meal.

                                                          2:00 pm,  followed by supper meal.

                                                          6:00 pm, with coffee fellowship to follow.

Atlantic Mine address:

47261 Adventure St
Atlantic Mine, MI 49905

Tapiola address:

17602 North Lake Rd
Tapiola, MI

We ask that you would remember these services in prayer, that Gods name will be glorified and all in attendance blessed.