Greer, SC Thanksgiving-Christmas Services 2019

Apostolic Lutheran Church of Greer – Upstate SC

453 North Rutherford Road

Greer, SC 29651

November 6, 2019


Dear Reader,


God’s Peace!


Announcing 2019 Thanksgiving – Christmas services at the Apostolic Lutheran Church of Greer, SC, on North Rutherford Road.


We have called Dave Lappi & Matt Somero to serve as speakers.


The services schedule is as follows:

Wed., Dec 4, 2019 7 PM: Both Speakers – refreshments

Thur., Dec 5, 2019 7 PM: Both Speakers – refreshments

Fri., Dec 6, 2019 7 PM: Both Speakers – refreshments

Sun., Dec 8, 2019 11 AM: One Speaker – Noon Meal

Sun., Dec 8, 2019 2 PM One Speaker – refreshments

Sun., Dec 9, 2019 5 PM Both Speakers – Evening Meal


Everyone is invited to come and listen to the Word of God. If you are unable to attend, we solicit your Prayers for Spiritual Blessings for these services. Also, you should be able to listen in via broadband audio from our website:


Conrad Kaiser, Chairman

Larry Salo, Secretary